Working from home, online school from home, spending all your time at home… It’s a lot. And it probably means you have been repurposing many of your rooms for different activities.

If the home life shuffle has left your spaces feeling cluttered and disordered, give these home organization ideas a try.

Give Everything a Place

We all have those items that just bounce from junk spot to junk spot because we don’t know where to put them. Well, it’s time to give those items a home. When everything has a designated place to live, it’s much more likely to find its way back there quickly after use.

Take Inventory

Those top shelves you never look at? Maybe it’s time to reassess what’s up there. From the pantry, to the garage to your closets, take note of what you have and reorganize where needed. Try to group your items together by function and make sure those categories are all together in the same place.

And don’t forget the most important categories of all: trash and donate. Purging is your organization friend.

Label for Easy Identification

You can go the Pinterest route and download stylized labels, or do the quick and dirty way with some masking tape and permanent markers. Whichever way brings you the most organizational joy.


If we like the way our spaces feel, we are more likely to want to keep them looking good and orderly. Try adding some decorative paper to the back of your pantry or closet shelves. Or upgrade your old Ikea bookshelf to something more modern and stylish.

Divide It Up

Drawers can feel impossible to keep organized especially in your desk or other places that hold lots of little items. Use drawer dividers, or little tins and boxes to split up the drawer space and keep individual items contained.  

To tame the chaos even further, stick with one color scheme for your dividers. 

We hope these home organization ideas finally give you the motivation you need to tackle that overflowing hall closet or messy garage. Just remember to start small, you don’t have to organize the entire house in one day!

September 22, 2020 — Jordan Towner

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