We are so excited to help you make your Woven Nook selections!  Keep in mind because this is a complimentary service we WILL NOT be offering multiple iterations of mock-up.  This service is not intended to design your space with products outside of Woven Nook products.  Please refrain from attempting to get a full design from this service.  To get the most from your mock-up, be thorough with your answers to any questions asked by the designer.  Please be gracious and respectful of our designers and their time.  Any mistreatment or over-demanding of their attention will negate future service eligibility, and designers are able to terminate service at any point should they feel misused during consultation.  We hope to continually offer this amazing service, and hope you help make it positive and productive experience for our designers as well.

Text us to begin your complimentary

design consultation: 385-202-5846