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We are an affordable alternative to modern, on trend home decor!



Welcome to Woven Nook! Our names are Katie and Kristin and we are the owners and founders of Woven Nook. This journey started in 2017 when we were on the search for home decor that wassophisticated, timeless, and affordable and we could not find it. We were tired of spending over $100 for the throw pillows that we really wanted! So that's when Katie and Kristin joined forces to solve that problem. Katie and her husband Jordan have been traveling the world for over 5 years doing photography and videography. During their travels, they saw so many amazing textiles, designs, artisans and inspiration that they wanted to incorporate into a business one day. Joel and Kristin have started and run multiple successful e-commerce companies in the past. Kristin has a passion for graphic design, painting, and anything creative. Together, we are doing our best to create an amazing brand that carries home decor essentials that are beautifully designed at a price point that anyone can afford. Thanks for following along our journey and for all the love and support!
xoxo,Katie + Kristin