A big part of our inspiration for starting Woven Nook was to provide more affordable home decor in the trends you love.

In order to accomplish that mission, we developed our system of selling separate artisanal pillow covers and premium pillow inserts.

That way, whenever you want to switch up the look of your home, you only have to purchase new covers, and not an entire new pillow. 

Not only is this more cost effective for the product, but it also cuts down significantly on shipping costs. Instead of paying to box and ship four full pillows, you can receive four pillow covers on your doorstep in a slender packing envelope.

Just think about what that does for reducing the environmental impact of shipping and packaging waste as well. 

This also means you can keep several collections of pillow covers on hand without having to surrender an entire closet in your home just for pillow storage. We’ve made it easy and affordable to update the look and feel of your home for the changing seasons.

Capture the freshness of spring, the brightness of summer, the warmth of fall, and the magic of the holidays, all with less cost and less waste.

We love to update the style of our home decor just as much as you do, which is why it was so important to us to develop this pillow cover and insert system for our customers.

A crucial part in the success of this system was creating pillow inserts that are built to last season after season. Our premium faux down inserts perfectly fill our Woven Nook pillow covers with plush, soft filling that holds its shape.

We aimed to provide a lifetime of value by crafting the last pillow you’ll ever need to buy. So once you have our inserts, all you ever have to do is switch out the covers. 

And as we continue to add new covers and new designs, you’ll always have fresh, stylish options for changing up your home decor.

We know you will love the quality, convenience and affordability of our pillow insert and cover system as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see Woven Nook in your home!


March 03, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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