Guest Author/Customer: Liz Krupka

Once Woven Nook released their rug line there was no question in my mind that I had to have one. I spent hours looking at the designs - finally landed on one, ordered, stalked FedEx and squealed as soon as it got here. I unrolled it - placed it under my furniture jumping up and down and waiting for my friends to tell me that it was the best purchase since sparkly butterfly hair clips in the 2000’s. 

Much to my surprise all my first house guest said when she saw my new purchase was, “Bold choice, to choose an  off white rug with your German Shepherd,” as she walked into the kitchen. Honestly - the white vs muddy paws never crossed my mind. But I loved my new Woven rug and up for the challenge of keeping it clean. 

In general, the rug is still pretty dang white. Just to clarify the rug doesn't come as a stark white rug, it’s more off white which is why it holds up pretty well on it’s own against everyday dirt and dust. But with a dog, sometimes you get more of a mess. I’m going to let you know how we spot treat those pesky pet stains so you can have your white rug and your Germo too.

First, your supplies:

  • Bissell Spot Pet Cleaner. Probably the best purchase on Amazon that pet owners can possibly buy. It’s lightweight, easily stored and on top of that - it does the job really powerfully. 

  • OxiClean Stain Remover. Queue Bob Villa - and his magic dirt eraser. You can buy a huge tub of this stuff for a few dollars on Amazon too. One quick note - if you throw it in with your Woven Nook pillow covers it gets the doggo drips and drools off as well.

  • Bissell Pet Spot & Stain Remover. This is so helpful for keeping everything smelling nice and pretty.  - It’s one of the only things that truly gets rid of those smells if your pets do ever make accidents inside, so it’s great to just keep on hand at home.

How to Spot Clean: 

  1. Put 2 tbsps of OxiClean in the clean water side of the spot cleaner. 
  2. Pour formula to tile fill line on the same side you just placed the OxiClean
  3. Fill with water, turn on and spray the spots. Let them sit for a few minutes then run the spot cleaning brush over it to suck it up!
  4. Turn on Top Gear and sit and wait. For about an hour your rug is going to look even darker in the spots you just treated (but don’t panic, it’s not discolored). 
  5. Grab your vacuum, vacuum up all the dog fur, and admire your handiness - because you’ve just erased those muddy paw prints (for now).



March 10, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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