Premium Faux Down Insert - 26" Euro Size

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Product Description

Woven Nook inserts are luxury, premium, soft, comfy faux down inserts that are made to fit our pillows perfectly. Don't bother with cheaper alternatives available on other websites. Our inserts are made to stand the test of time and feel so luxurious and full. These are the only inserts you'll ever need to buy as they come with a lifetime warranty in case you have any issues with your insert. You can then purchase our affordable covers and swap out your decor on a regular basis for a fraction of the cost of purchasing pillows from other stores.

Product Details
  • SIZE: 26" - Perfect for any 26"x26'' pillow cover. Made to fit Woven Nook covers perfectly.
  • MATERIAL: 100% Faux Down Filling - Luxurious. Soft. Full.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - built to last a lifetime. The last insert you'll ever need!
  • BUNDLE + SAVE: Buy 4 inserts and get $10 off if you use code INSERT10 at checkout

The Last Pillow Insert You'll Ever Need To Buy



a no waste - no storage system for pillows