We're all big fans of small business' here at Woven Nook, and we've compiled our list for Santa this year, and thought we'd spread the cheer.

Nena | Woven

Here are just a few of our favorites:

  1. Nena and Co - is a brand that employs more textilers and less machines to be able to create their products, and that is a cause that is very important to us here @ Woven Nook (since we're into handmade goods too). Check them out and see if their clutches should be in your stockings.

  2. Need some modern designed diaper bags? Fawn Designs has your back. They've got everything covered for today's modern momma. 

  3. Why Sly? Tired of your makeup melting at the bottom of your purse? Us too. Sly Beauty has created makeup luggage and it's one of our absolute favorites. It keeps your lipsticks organized, makeup brushes and more. 

  4. Looking for a sleek way to organize your credit cards, but also keep the things you're carrying around minimal? We've got an answer for you - and it's woven with originality. Check out Thread Wallets for the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone this Christmas. 
We've got a few other staples like Gigi Pip, Stella & Haas, and Banks & Co - that we're just ogling over their instagrams. If you haven't really shopped small - you should (and make sure to take a look at these gems). 
December 04, 2020 — Jordan Towner

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