With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing, we know that many families and friends are not able to gather this year for the holidays. But having a safe holiday does not mean that we can’t stay connected to those we love. Here are just a few ways to make it happen.

Call them up

Fortunately we have all kinds of technology at our fingertips that can help us keep in touch even when apart. Thanks to Zoom and other online conferencing platforms, you can still sit down to enjoy a holiday meal with your family. Or, pick up the phone and have a long, post-dinner conversation. 

Do an online activity

You may be Zoomed out, and we would not blame you if you are! Doing a virtual activity together versus just hoping on a call adds an extra level of fun and helps break up the Zoom fatigue.

There are tons of virtual cooking classes or mixology classes you can participate in. Or, flex your knowledge with a trivia night. The Escape Game even has a virtual escape room now. And not to mention, there are tons of online games you can play from all over. 

Keep your traditions

Being apart doesn’t mean you have to punt on all your favorite family holiday traditions. Choose a family cookie recipe and pick a day to all bake them at the same time. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie at the same time on Netflix, and text each other making fun of the bad lines. Drive around looking at the neighbors’ decorations and send each other pictures and videos of the houses you find.

While it won’t be the same as doing these traditions physically together in one room, you’ll still feel that sense of family togetherness. 

Send snail mail

A handwritten letter just feels different from a text. Taking the time to pick out a card and write individual notes will make the recipient feel extra appreciated and considered. Or, you can send flowers, food, cookies, you name it. Even small tokens let the recipient know you are thinking of them.

There’s no doubt the holidays will look different this year. But even if your loved ones are far away, you can keep them feeling near with these ideas.

December 10, 2020 — Jordan Towner

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