We're in Love, We're in Love & We Don't Care Who Knows It!

February is always an exciting time in home decor. It's when we are all starting to think about thawing out from the winter, and warming up the house! We've picked some of our favorite Pantones for the month. They start with a deep red and transition out to a warm grey. 

For 2021 Pantone picked the grey (both warms & cold) to be a huge color in all pallets this year, and February is no exception for us!

We've got a few pieces that can really add to this color pallet in the rooms of your home.

Meet Mina

Our Mina pillow cover perfectly fits within the dark dusty colors, without your room feeling like there is a transition backwards to fall.

Meet Ollie

Woven Nook | Ollie

Will help to warm up any room. Ollie is not a perfectly off-white color and it helps to play into the warmer greys' to help keep rooms bright without being too warm.

Not sure this Pantone pallet is for you? It's okay - we've got some more to come - and in the meantime you can shop around and see if there's something else you're looking for! 



January 28, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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