Kaitlyn (aka Katie) is an owner & also creative mind behind Woven Nook’s products. We wanted to know more about her, the process and of course - what keeps her awake during late night creative sessions. Wanna shop what she's currently into? Check out her amazon list of current loves!
Woven Nook | Meet Katie

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for Woven Nook?

Before we started Woven Nook Jordan and I spent 5 years traveling the world creating photo & video content for companies. I was always so drawn to and inspired by the different textiles, the cultures, the colors, you name it. I really enjoy taking inspiration from all of these places and making them my own. This is also a reason why we’ve wanted to take our manufacturing to different places around the world so we can encourage these cultures to continue in traditional hand crafted goods and techniques while being able to make a living doing it.

Q: Do you have personal favorites?

I think I’ll always have favorites but the funny thing is my favorites are constantly changing depending on my mood, time of year, latest trends etc. Some of my current staples are the Smith rug, the Ollie pillow, and our lumbars! I have multiple in quite nearly every room in our house!

Q: How do you decide on the final designs each year? Is that tough? Do you cut a lot of them out?

 A lot of it for me comes from filling a need I feel within my own home. I try to create products I personally feel completes different spaces in my home. We definitely are particular with what we roll out so a lot of our designs don’t make it to full production.

Q: Where are your happy places? In the mountains or the beach?

Give me a warm sunny beach day and I am a very very happy gal! I interned in Maui and have been consumed by my love for Hawaii ever since.

Q: What are your individual design styles?

Hahaha I don’t think I’ve ever actually been able to nail down a term for my style. I would say it’s a true mix. I take my favorite bits and pieces and blend them together. However I am definitely most drawn to transitional, modern farmhouse, minimalist, earthy organic, light and airy kind of a feel. But also love a good moody vibe!

Q:What are your favorite places to shop for home decor (outside woven nook of course)?

I love supporting local shops around where we live! I’ve found that garden centers and nurseries here have really awesome decor sections as well so it’s the perfect place to shop for greenery and cute knick knacks! Also, let’s be honest here, we all love Target!

Q:What's one thing you can't live without? Diet Coke? Daily Naps?

Sugar. Hahaha I am an absolute sugar addict. At least I can accept it, right?
January 18, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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