"OMG friends, I found Woven Nook last year and I have never looked back! They are a go-to resource for me. I recommend them to friends, family and clients, all the time. Super chic looks, well made and AFFORDABLE! I yelled that last one so I know you heard me! It is so hard to keep up with the style trends and seasonal changes because well, money trees aren't a thing yet!  Woven nook is making it possible with their prices, constant new launches and a killer eye on what's trending. When they gave me chance to build "a new nook" I said abso-freakin-lutely!  I curated a collection that could be used in your bedroom or living room. It has poufs, pom poms, and texture oh my!  I am a neutral gal but neutral doesn't mean boring.  I opted for pillows with bold contrast stripes, classic black pom pom pillows (because they're a staple), a timeless white moroccan pom blanket with subtle detail and some fabulous and very on trend poufs. These poufs could be used at the foot of the bed, as a foot rest or as a coffee table. I went with these for their versatility, so good. I love this new nook look and hope you do too!
xo Erin
October 10, 2019 — Jordan Towner

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