"We are always looking for fresh approaches to creating new spaces in our homes. Problem is, it can get expensive!!! To keep costs down, I like to do a lot of DIY’s, find vintage pieces to incorporate, to not only reuse existing furniture but to add a character element to the space, and find inexpensive but quality accessory pieces. I wanted to create a fresh new look with different textures for my porch space and found the perfect pieces to soften up the room a bit. I chose white Casablanca pom pillows and a white Casablanca pom blanket for their softness and comfort. Then I layered in two 18” Zulu pillows that have white and leather details to add another pop of color and texture to tie in the amazing brown Moroccan Rami poufs that I selected. These leather details are key components to the space and it all ties together perfectly. With these inexpensive accessory pieces you can create an entirely new nook in your home to make it feel fresh and new without breaking the bank."


-Kate Chipinski (@katechipinski)



September 19, 2019 — Jordan Towner

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