Angela Rose Home Collaboration

"I am super pumped to be selected for the #anewnook challenge from the lovely ladies at Woven Nook, and get to use their new Christmas line! I had already been eyeing the new Christmas 4 pack and tree skirts, so this was such an easy update. I love seasonal decor that isn't slap-you-in-the-face obvious and over the top. I love my spaces to look simple, but intentional. And most importantly, I love my spaces to look high-end, but be done on a budget. That's why I love Woven Nook and love to use their items. For my New Nook, I started with my main inspo...the DIY forest framed prints. From that, I pulled all my other decorations. I used my favorite green velvet pillows to pull the green, and then added in the Eve Christmas 4 pack which adds texture, (tassels...heck yes), and a pop of red. I also used this moroccan tree skirt which pulls the warmth of my leather couch in perfectly. I added in my favorite black and white striped throw blanket, which honestly has looked good on my chair in every season. Merry Christmas! And may your season be full of cute pillows and tree skirts. ha!"
-Angela Rose (@angelarosehome)

Kismet House Collaboration

"OMG friends, I found Woven Nook last year and I have never looked back! They are a go-to resource for me. I recommend them to friends, family and clients, all of the time. Super chic looks, well made and AFFORDABLE! I yelled that last one so I know you heard me! It is so hard to keep up with the style trends and seasonal changes because well, money trees aren't a thing yet! Woven Nook is making it possible with their prices, constant new launches and a killer eye on what's trending. When they gave me a chance to build "a new nook" I said abso-freakin-lutely! I curated a collection that could be used in your bedroom or living room. It has poufs, pom poms and texture, oh my! I am a neutral gal but neutral doesn't mean boring. I opted for pillows with bold contrast stripes, classic black pom pom pillows (because they're a staple), a timeless white moroccan pom blanket with subtle detail and some fabulous and very on trend poufs. These poufs could be used at the foot of the bed, as a foot rest or as a coffee table. I went with these for their versatility, so good. I love this new nook look and hope you do too!" -xo Erin (@kismet_house)

Kimmyintx COllaboration

"When the lovely ladies at Woven Nook challenged me to the #anewnook challenge, I knew right away I wanted to switch up my bedroom a bit for the Fall. I love to change things up a little for each season. The easiest way to transition from summer to fall vibes is to add warm colors and different textures like I did with these Velvet Camel 22" pillows and the Corduroy Blush 22" pillow on my bed. These colors are so just gorgeous. I mean, who doesn't love velvet? And I'm now a huge fan of corduroy pillows!! The Maza Lumbar Pillow and King Fez Pom Pom Blanket adds a pop of black which brings out the frame in the artwork above and really grounds the bed. Oh, and lots of soft, yummy texture that this room was missing. To tie in the other side of the room I added another Corduroy Blush pillow to my chair. All I did was add some new pillows and a blanket for a quick update that doesn't break the bank, and I'm set for Autumn and beyond. The best thing is I can mix and match all of these goodies throughout the house and you know I'm all about that!" -Kimmy Telfer (@kimmyintx)

Kate Chipinski Collaboration

"We are always looking for fresh approaches to creating new spaces in our homes. Problem is, it can get expensive!!! To keep costs down, I like to do a lot of DIY’s, find vintage pieces to incorporate, to not only reuse existing furniture but to add a character element to the space, and find inexpensive but quality accessory pieces. I wanted to create a fresh new look with different textures for my porch space and found the perfect pieces to soften up the room a bit. I chose white Casablanca pom pillows and a white Casablanca pom blanket for their softness and comfort. Then I layered in two 18” Zulu pillows that have white and leather details to add another pop of color and texture to tie in the amazing brown Moroccan Rami poufs that I selected. These leather details are key components to the space and it all ties together perfectly. With these inexpensive accessory pieces you can create an entirely new nook in your home to make it feel fresh and new without breaking the bank." -Kate Chipinski (@katechipinski)