With everyone spending so much time at home over the last year, it’s no surprise people are looking to switch up their decor styles. And with less traveling and less going out, lots of people have been using the extra time and money updating their homes. 

The result? Instagram-worthy decor everywhere you look. These are some of the biggest home decor trends for this Spring.


For a second there it looked like the wallpaper trend was starting to fade, but it’s back bigger than ever. Thanks to an overall move towards bolder and busier styles, we’re seeing tons of fun and modern wallpaper designs. 

Plus, peel and stick wallpaper makes it easy to drastically change the look of your home without doing anything permanent. Meaning it’s also the perfect solution for renters!

Bold monochromatic color schemes

Monochromatic rooms aren’t a new fad, but trends are moving away from all-white and all-gray to brighter statement colors. We’ve seen everything from moody black to exoctic peacock blue to bright and cheerful pink.


Whimsical vintage pieces are starting to work their way into Spring home decor trends. We’re not talking tufted, floral couches like your grandmother had, but smaller touches like ornate vases, antique paintings, and baroque brass mirrors.

Worldly vibes

Global-inspired patterns, textures and accents are coming back around, perhaps as a response to the lack of the ability to travel this past year. If you can’t get to your dream destinations around the world, you might as well bring them to you!

P.S. We know where you can get some artisanal pillow covers handmade in Morocco to incorporate your own worldly style.

Wicker and rattan

We mentioned rattan rising in popularity back in the fall, and this trend has shown itself to be resilient. Both rattan and wicker furniture and accents will continue to be big through 2021, especially as the worldly decor trend is gaining steam.

April 13, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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