When most people think of masculine design, hard surfaces and sharp edges tend to come to mind. And while heavy dark wood furniture is a typical bachelor style, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix some of those man-cave inspired vibes in with a light, modern, comfy home. 

Whether you are designing a genuine man cave, or just trying to refresh your style, these modern masculine decor ideas should help. 

Moody Color Palettes

You want to use lots of neutral tones and dark shades, but maintain a balance with light and bright. Pair white walls with darker fabrics, woods and metals. Or get a lighter colored rug to go with your dark gray couch. The beautiful thing about neutrals is they all mix so well together. 

If you do want to bring in some color, stick with darker, muted shades like a rich navy or shadowy green. We are also super into the monochrome paint trend right now (like we did for our half bath revamp!), and think it’s a great compliment for a masculine mood. Just be sure and consider how much natural light your space gets before painting.

Masculine Design Textiles

For fabric types, heavier weight fabrics are considered more masculine, and lighter weight fabrics more feminine. So think leathers, tweeds, wools and flannels. However, using exclusively those fabrics may make your house feel too wintery in the dead of summer. So again, it’s about balance. Mix in some softer textiles to help, like a plush rug with a leather couch, or sheer curtains and thick woven pillows.

When it comes to patterns, solids are always a safe bet. But if that feels too plain, feel free to toss in some larger-profile patterns, like wide stripes or big color blocking. Avoid small-scale patterns that lean too feminine, as well as curvy lines and rounder shapes.

Luxe Pillows

First of all, throw pillows don’t have to be “girly”! You want to bring in a little softness to your masculine design. Besides, we all know what guys really want is to be comfortable.

Plush, oversized pillows feel manlier and always look better than dinky, thin ones, so be sure and get a high-quality, plump insert for your pillow covers. 

Looking for some boss neutral pillow covers? Check out our Mika and Roux sets for a great balance of dark and light, as well as any of our faux leather covers.

Texture It Up

No matter your style, we always say a mix of textures is so important to a well-rounded design! And when it comes to more masculine design, the rule still applies. However, the textures themselves may look different.

A manlier vibe calls for rougher, natural textures, like exposed brick, unpolished stone and unfinished wood. But to keep it modern and classic, add in some smooth metallic textures through light fixtures, furniture and accent pieces.

Check out our instagram for more design inspiration, and show us how you use your Woven Nook pieces in the man cave, living room, bedroom and more!

June 16, 2021 — Jordan Towner

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