With vacations on hold and limited reasons to leave the house, many people turned to their backyards and patios to provide a little summer sanctuary. But with summer long gone, you may be wondering how to transition your outdoor spaces for the next season. These are some of our favorite ideas for building your own cozy fall backyard oasis.

Night Lights

The days are getting shorter, so you’ll need more lights to keep your time outside from getting shorter as well. We love the warm glow and romantic ambience of string lights for casting a cozy feel over the night.

Add Some Heat

One word: s’mores. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, fire pits make a great (small) gathering place for good friends and good conversation. Plus they will keep you warm on colder nights. If you don’t have room, or you’re on a wood deck, you could get a tall patio heater instead.

Plant Fall Vegetables

If you started a new veggie garden at the beginning of all this, there’s no reason to stop now. Just transition those tomatoes and melons to some winter squashes and greens and you can continue to reap the benefits of a fresh harvest.

Make It Cozy

Curling up on your patio on a chilly morning with a hot cup of coffee? Dreamy. Make your outdoor seating areas extra cozy and warm for all your cold weather moments with pillows, poofs, blankets and rugs.

Work and Play

If you, like so many others, still find yourself working from home, then why not work outside a few hours a day? Create a little space for yourself in the backyard or on your patio that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous fall weather from time to time.

October 15, 2020 — Jordan Towner

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